Potentials for Innovation

Potentials for developments exist along the entire textile added value chain, from polymers and fibres to processing techniques and textile finishing. Developments are based on customer requirements for the individual industry sectors.

Bayern Innovativ, the centre for technology and knowledge transfer in Bavaria, covers a wide range of technologies and sectors, including among others nanotechnology, biotechnology, chemical industry, electronics, new materials, mechanical engineering, medical technology and the automotive industry. This background enables the "Textile Innovation" network to consistently open up new networking opportunities in the field of technical and functional textiles.

Topics in the "Textile Innovation" network range from the individual stages of the added value chain to diverse application fields. 

  • Polymers
  • Automotive (Mobiltech)
  • Fibres
  • Sports & Lifestyle (Sporttech)
  • Production of Textile Fabrics               
  • Medicine & Hygiene (Medtech)
  • Finishing
  • Personal & Property Protection(Protech)
  • Assembly
  • Building & Architecture (Buildtech)