The CTT Group is an accredited international multi-service organization dedicated to serving the textile, geotextile and construction products industries by offering a wide range of services: laboratory testing, assistance in technological innovation, research and development, productivity improvement, dissemination of information and marketing support.

The CTT Group is a major development partner in the industry thanks to its membership in a wide range of organizations such as the Canadian Technology Network, the Industrial Research Assistance Program of the Canadian National Research Council and the "Centres collégiaux de transfert des technologies" network.

Technologien / Forschung

Our R&D covers the medical field (antibacterial fabric, anti-odor, stain resistance, etc.) as well as that of comfort (notably for work clothing-improving suppleness of material, heat resistance, etc.), or in the military field and avionics (use of textiles fibers as insulators-gaining the greatest capacity of insulation while respecting inflammability standards).
The Centre also has a plasma treatment testing unit used to modify surface characteristics of certain fabrics. This innovative technology provides good potential for development. Other projects cover new dyes used in industry and their distinct characteristics. This effectively illustrates the team’s capacity and versatility in meeting challenges in R & D.

SAGEOS, the Geosynthetic Technology Centre, a division of the CTT GROUP, was founded in 1988. SAGEOS is an independent organization dedicated to the development of geosynthetic usages. SAGEOS assists its industrial and institutional partners in the development of new products and new geosynthetic applications.

Produkte / Dienstleistungen

Laboratory Testing

  • Standardized testing of textile and polymer materials
  • SAGEOS offers classic quality control (CQC / MQC) to tests intended to assess the durability or the performance of geosynthetics interacting with soils, chemicals, leachate, etc.
  • Testing of polymeric products
  • Testing of flammability



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