4th Congress on Organic & Printed Photovoltaics

08/09 October 2015, ZAE Bayern, W├╝rzburg


Source: Bayern Innovativ GmbH 

Scientific Advisory Council:

  • Prof Vladimir Dyakonov, ZAE Bayern
  • Prof Christoph Brabec, ZAE Bayern
  • Prof Jens Pflaum, ZAE Bayern

The 4th congress on Organic and Printed Photovoltaics will focus on Organic as well as Perovskite Materials and Solar Cells.

  • OPV - Perovskite / Materials
  • OPV - Perovskite / Devices
  • OPV - Perovskite Applications

The objective of the congress is the comprehensive presentation of the state-of-the-art as well as of remaining research and development challenges in the field. Experts from industry and science will discuss topics such as new materials, novel device concepts and applications. The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition and a poster session. The 4th congress on Organic Photovoltaics will focus on Perovskite Materials and Perovskite Solar Cells.