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Automated packaging line for steel sheets required

Partnersuche aus dem Enterprise Europe Network, 15.05.2014

An Austrian SME wants to invest in an automated steel sheet packaging line. They own a patent of a specific packaging method which has to be lifted from a manual to an automated work-flow. This method enables protective enclosing of metal sheets and to open and re-seal the package without additional efforts. They look for partners with expert knowledge of automating packaging processes. Developing and drawing this packaging line is the first task. Second task is the installation in a next step.

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Expertise sought: alternative, fuel cell drive for special branches of transportation

Partnersuche aus dem Enterprise Europe Network, 24.04.2014

The objective of the Hungarian SME's project is to construct the hydrogen generating and filling station for electric vehicles (small boat, material handling) driven by hydrogen fuel cell to provide fuel supply for equipments. The development is also related to applied research, economic and environmental objectives. The SME looks for experts capable of manufacturing and validating experimental and demonstration equipments within the framework of a financial/manufacturing/technical agreement.

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