Gemeinschaftsstand Cluster Neue Werkstoffe und EU-Kooperationsbüro der Bayern Innovativ GmbH, Partner im Enterprise Europe Network

JEC Composites Show 2014

Pavilion 7/3, Stand M31



  • CADFEM GmbH, Grafing
    Simulationssoftware zur Berechnung von geschichteten Composites
    ANSYS and a vast competence in FEA - this is what the CADFEM brand stands for in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 1985. Moreover, through shares and partnerships, CADFEM is a global player in CAE, e.g. in the US, in China, India, and Eastern Europe. CADFEM offers a complete portfolio of leading software tools for numerical simulations, including all product-supporting services such as expert advice, seminars, and support. Furthermore, CADFEM offers CAE consulting and software customization services.
  • CG Tec GmbH, Spalt
    Basalt-Rebars Ersatz von Stahlarmierung in Beton
    The core competence of CG TEC is the production of semi-finished products made of carbon and glass fibre. These profiles find their application area, where light weight, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and durability are required. Wherever metal profiles are used, glasfiber and carbon may be used in future. CG Tec is able to successfully produce technical components, small-and large-scale productions for a huge variety of applications, "made in Germany" at the production site in Spalt. We participate at the premium cluster MAI-Carbon located in the southern region of Bavaria.
  • COIA GmbH, Aschaffenburg
    UV-Technology for LPG Composite Cylinder Production - the high-speed, cost-effective an eco-friendly solution
    Formed in 1984, COIA focuses for more than 25 years on innovation, development of costeffective and eco-friendly Ultra-Violet (UV) technology for high-speed processing of optical and composite fibres, providing high performance materials, machineries and turnkey solutions worldwide.
    COIA offers innovative patent p. Filament Winding Technology, UV-systems and own UV-resins for the production of explosion/rust proof and light weight LPG Composite Cylinders (Type IV) ensuring maximum safety level for operator, user and environment. Moreover, COIA designs and constructs high speed UV-Pultrusion Lines and manufactures UV-resins for fabrication of GFRP rods with diameters from 0.25 - 3.00 mm, applied as tension bars in the cable and automotive industry as well as GFRP profiles.
  • CoTexx GmbH, Gachenbach
    CoTexx Heizsystem
    CoTexx GmbH is specialised in the implementation of industrial research and development and in the production of high-tech products and processes, which convert the natural biocidal and antiseptic effects of non-ferrous and precious metals. Due to the necessity to produce the developed products at marketable prices, a production line for knitted technical textiles was set up which is also been used in other industrial sectors due to its innovative capabilities. As spin off, a knitted heating fabric made of stranded copper wire is brought to the market as a semi finished product for manufacturing of electrical panel heaters, e.g. in tools for the production of fibre-reinforced composites.
  • Dr. Günther Kast GmbH & Co. Technische Gewebe, Spezial-Fasererzeugnisse KG, Sonthofen
    EQ-Grid - Textiles multiaxiales Flächengebilde mit Beschichtung zur Vermeidung von seismischen Schäden an Bauwerken
  • EMCCons DR. RAŠEK GmbH & Co. KG, Ebermannstadt
    Direktblitzmodell für Luftfahrt EMV-Tests
    EMCC DR. RAŠEK was founded in 1977 and specializes in RFI, EMI, EMC and RADIO testing and certification of electronic products. EMCC DR. RAŠEK offers complete services including consulting, testing, technical fixes and final certification and approval for the European market as well as for international markets including USA, Canada and Japan.
  • Gummiwerk KRAIBURG GmbH & Co. KG, Waldkraiburg
    Ultraleichte akustische Dämpfung für Composites
    Gummiwerk KRAIBURG has about 400 employees and produces rubber mixtures based on all types of polymers, including silicone and fluoroelastomers. Particular attention is paid to individual and tailored solutions and innovative products. One example is the area of composite applications, which deals with the direct integration of elastomers in fibre reinforced polymers parts. This enables the development of some entirely new solutions in the field of fibre reinforced composites.
  • HBW-Gubesch Thermoforming GmbH, Wilhelmsdorf
    Innovativer Leichtbau durch Verfahrenskombination
  • KARL MAYER LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Naila
    KARL MAYER LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH is a family owned textile machine manufacturer for warp knitting machines with its head office in Naila / Germany. Since 1945 our philosophy resides in the continuous strengthening of R&D leadership, establishment of development partnerships and in a consistent and permanent development of new markets and applications. Our competence: more than 25 years experience with bi- and multiaxial technology; more than 25 years experience of manufacturing carbon, glass and aramid fabrics; more than 10 years experience as a development partner in automotive, aerospace and wind energy industries; over 200 multiaxial machines installed worldwide; individual cooperation with customers.
  • Munich Composites GmbH, Ottobrunn
    Braiding of CFRP
    We have revolutionized the braiding technology in order to enable an automated and consistent high quality production of hollow fiber composite components. Based on our holistic understanding of processes, we are able to offer all services starting from design, prototype development to mass production.
  • Schaumform GmbH, Passau
    High-Volume Technologies for Lightweight Components
    Schaumform GmbH is an engineering service company that provides highly specialized support for industrial customers that are interested in up-to-date methods for lightweight production. The focus of the R&D work of Schaumform is on the production of large volume goods that show superior lightweight performance. Commonly, thermoplastic systems are used and processing methods derived from injection molding are employed.
  • Siltex Flecht- und Isoliertechnologie Holzmüller GmbH & Co. KG, Julbach
    Flechtschläuche, -bänder und -kordeln aus verschiedenen Hich-Tech-Materialien
    SILTEX, founded in 1956, originally manufactured insulation sleeving, tapes and fabrics for electric motor and electric machine construction. In the early 1970s, the company established a braiding shop to manufacture the braided sleeving that was needed for the production of insulation sleeving and started to braid glass-fibre yarns and glass-fibre threads. Today, SILTEX is an expert for braids in different ranges used for reinforcement material for the production of light and resilient high-tech composites as well as for electrical and thermal insulation.
  • Trevira GmbH, Bobingen
    Fadenmaterial zur mechanischen und/oder themischen Verfestigung von textilen Festigkeitsträgern im Compositeprozess
  • Universität Bayreuth, Lehrstuhl für Polymere Werkstoffe, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Altstädt, Bayreuth
    Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich polymere Verbundwerkstoffe und duromerer Systeme
    Our brand "Polymer Engineering" stands for both scientific and application-oriented research and teaching in the field of polymer materials. The research focuses on the material, the design and the corresponding manufacturing processes, with the objective to develop high-performance plastic products. Main research topics are the analysis and the use of interactions between processing, structure and properties. This strategic approach enables the development of innovative products using advanced polymer materials.

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