Antimicrobial protection for flexible polymer applications

nach Quelle:, "Advanced antimicrobial additives designed for flexible Polymer Applications", November 2016

Swiss SANITIZED AG has developed a highly effective product for long-lasting antimicrobial protection for flexible polymer applications.  Regulatory developments limit the available types of biocides, so companies that use biocidal products to protect polymers and textiles from bacterial and fungal growth were faced with many changes. Outdoor applications have increased requirements regarding the antimicrobial effectiveness after UV and water exposure for example. The new product has thermal stability and compatibility with most formulations in addition to water resistance as well as high UV resistance and no yellowing after UV exposure. It protects against unwanted effects of microbes, like bacteria, mould, mildew, yeast and algae – all of which can cause material destruction, unsightly stains, cross contamination, odour development and biofilm formation. 

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