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In future, driving will be more than getting from Point A to point B. Autonomours driving vehicles are becoming mobile offices, places for entertainment and wellbeing, or private refugiums. Passengers can decide whether they just want to drive or even work, read, eat or simply relax. This results in modified interior design requirements.

The Cluster Automotive addresses the following topics for discussions with  stakeholders, advisory board memebers and partners, as well as across all industries for new solutions and products.


  • Individualisation of interior design
  • Influences of autonomous /highly automated driving on the interior
  • New seating conepts
  • Emotionalization
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Display and operating concepts (HMI)
  • Air conditioning concepts
  • New materials
  • Funktional surfaces
  • Virtual reality
  • Cross-linking to other industries and Technologies

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Fachforum Interieur 2017

Focussing on:
New materials for the interior, modern surfaces and operation concepts, seating