About the project:

Smart living technologies are becoming the core topics for Alpine Space based leading technology providers but Alpine space weaknesses prevent the area to become a leading destination for excellence in this field. As identified in EUSALP, it is of crucial importance that available research capacity and innovation leaders are better bundled in the AS innovation landscape and R&I capacity and results are better transferred into practice. CARE4TECH transforms available but spread Alpine space research into a stable EU leading knowledge development arena leading to better cooperation between all quadruple helix actors.

Main project results will be:

  • Alpine space BRAIN BASE - Map of leading cases and approaches classified in a Knowledge Atlas
  • Alpine Space ALLIANCES - Thematic excellences grouped to cooperate
  • Alpine Space TASK FORCES and ALPINE CAMPUS- Supported by quadruple helix based teams to jointly learn and innovate through a living lab based learning system
  • Alpine space THINK THANK - Set up of a permanent policy and stakeholders platform linked to EU initiatives to fully exploit outputs and their technological strategic potential

Our role within the project:

Bayern Innovativ has long term experiences in technology and innovation transfer methodologies. The main focus in it’s interdisciplinary teams is mobility, energy and health.

Technological innovations for future mobility solutions are a part of the cluster automotive activities. The Cluster Automotive, as one of Europe’s biggest automotive supplier networks, is cooperating with suppliers along the automotive supply chain and R&D institutions – regional, national and international – the perfect basement for innovation lab platforms.

Project partners:

  • Bayern Innovativ GmbH DEUTSCHLAND
  • Evolaris next level GmbH ÖSTERREICH
  • Fachhochschule Kärnten ÖSTERREICH
  • Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Kempten DEUTSCHLAND
  • IDM Südtirol-Altoadige ITALIA
  • microTEC Südwest e.V. DEUTSCHLAND
  • Pôle de compétitivité Plasturgie FRANCE
  • Pomurski tehnološki park SLOVENIJA
  • Stiftung TECHNOPARK® Zürich SCHWEIZ
  • Technoloski park Ljubljana d.o.o. SLOVENIJA

The project is running from November 2016 till October 2019.

CARE4TECH project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme in the amount of 1.425.919,42 EUR.

CARE4TECH combines in an innovative way 2020 research agenda technology oriented principles & goals  in the field of Smart Living technologies with quadruple helix multilevel policy oriented approach.

Further Information and Events can be found on the following webpage:



Jennifer Reinz-Zettler

Projectmanager Mobility
Tel.: +49 911-20671-216

Holger Czuday

Tel.: +49 911-20671-212