Cluster Activities

The intensive networking within the Cluster Automotive is above all achieved by topic orientated cooperation plattforms such as Cluster-Meetings and Cluster-Forums.

Cluster-Meetings taking place at companies or scientific institutes. This concept offers participants the unique possibility to experience innovations live on site as well getting into contact with several representatives of the hosting company or instiute.

Take advantage of the wide range of offers of the Cluster Automotive:

Cluster-Meetings at companies and institutes - experience innovations and development competencies live on site


Initiation and realisation of market relevant cooperation projects with the support of the Cluster-Management

Interdisziplinary networking by participating in joint forums with other Clusters and Networks

Bundling competencies and experiency in workshops for new projects

Presentation of your innovations and technologies at congresses and forums as well as Joint Booths at international fairs, organised by Bayern Innovativ GmbH

Source: BMW AG

Customer-oriented information about the automotive industry

Presentation of your innovation at Bayern Innovativ's platform, e.g. congresses, forums and trade fairs

Publication of your news and press releases at our website