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Innovation for Customers


The Nitto Group has produced countless new technologies based on four core technologies and has created various products by combining these technologies since 1918.

By creating new products, as well as developing new applications of existing technologies and products after promptly considering customer’s problems, the Nitto Group has stimulated new demand. These activities are called Sanshin Katsudo (Three New Activities). At present, approximately 13,500 different products of us are used in various industries.

In addition to existing business fields, we are promoting development of technologies and products which will amaze and inspire our customers, and seek to develop new possibilities, targeting the domains of Green (environmental concern), Clean (new energy) and Fine (life science).

Technologien / Forschung


  • TEMISH®, a water and dust resistant air-permeable porous sheet which allows the passage of air while preventing the ingress of moisture and dirt (image: top left) 
  • We have achieved high-quality bulk data transmission by combining our newly developed film, transmitting light signals with electrical circuit boards (image: top right) 
  • We successfully developed a unique type of neodymium magnet featuring orientation control capability (image: bottom left) 
  • NittoPhase®, a high-performance polymer beads for the synthesis of nucleic acid medicine (image: bottom right)



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