Technical Textiles

Source: V. Fraas

Technical textiles have a broad range of applications. The advantages in the design, in the qualifying construction material or in the combination of materials are already very appreciated in many sectors. Through the possibility of integration of functions, like sensor systems or conductivity, further application fields can be made accessible. Here, the Cluster New Materials works, among others, closely with the Network "Textile Innovation".

Novel fibers/polymers for technical textile protection

The optimization of the surface in terms of their tribological behavior or an improvement of corrosion protection is of great interest, e.g. in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering. In addition, properties such as "Easy-to-clean", non-stick coatings or scratch-resistant coatings are also a big issue.


3-dimensional textile structures

Three-dimensional textile structures are regarded as one of the key aspects of innovative concepts in the textile industry. The use in the areas of mobility, security and efficiency is seen as a promising field for these structures. Among other things, in focus are substitution products in the car, more passive safety improvements, applications in light-and air-management and the use in the construction industry.






Dr. Christian H. Sandler

Sandler AG, Schwarzenbach