Functionalised Surfaces

Source: Fotocase

The properties of surfaces are an essential criterion for the range and suitability of materials. The functionalization of surfaces to meet these criteria is a key driver of innovation across all industries. Today, novel manufacturing methods and coating processes allow developing surfaces for the specific application.

Protection function

The optimization of the surface in terms of their tribological behavior or an improvement of corrosion protection is of great interest, e.g. in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering. In addition, properties such as "Easy-to-clean", no-stick coatings or scratch-resistant coatings are also a big issue.


Barrier properties

The selective hindrance to diffusion of gases like the construction of a barrier layer is another important issue in the surface world. The technologies for producing ultra-barrier films, such as those which are needed in the food industry, can also be used for organic photovoltaic cells to be packed gastight or for the use of thin film technologies for the production of gas barriers for example use in hydrogen fuel concepts.




Prof. Dr. Bernd Stritzker
Chair of Experimental Physics,
University of Augsburg

Dr. Wolfgang Biegel
Application Center for Materials and Environmental Research, Augsburg