Digital textile printing market is going to grow until 2021

nach Quelle:, "Digital textile printing to grow by 17.5% annually until 2021", 11.November 2016

The digital textile printing market is one of the most exciting markets in the print and textile sector. According to the latest exclusive market data from Smithers Pira it will grow by 17.5% until 2021. In 2016 the market had a value of EUR 1.17 billion with growth forecast at an annual average of 12.3% for 2016-2021. In total it will reach EUR 2.42 billion in 2021, Smithers Pira reports. There will be a rapid increase in the volume of fabric printed with inkjet equipment – from 870 million m² in 2016 to 1.95 billion m² in 2021. The market share for digital processes is 2.8% of overall volume in the textile segment for 2016. But major print companies are increasingly taking an interest in the textile segment, fostering the development of new business models, printheads, inks, media, and high throughput machinery. The fastest growth will be in clothing, the second are household textiles. The fashion segment embraces multiple mini-seasons and print-on-demand delivery models. This quick turnaround is an increasing priority. Furthermore it supports the growing availability of web-to-print platforms. 

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