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Aerosoft GmbH is the engineering company of the Trefin Group. Aerosoft has been operating for more than 30 years through the segmentation of its markets in the following units: Automotive, Aerospace, Rail and Naval, offering complete design activities, at the service of its customers: from the feasibility studies to the production support, with technological divisions in many domains, ensuring high-quality performances.

Technologien / Forschung

  • Design, industrialization and Production support
  • Thermo-structural analysis, static, dynamic and fatigue
  • Fluid dynamic Analysis and Calculations
  • Prototypes
  • Industrial research and pre-competitive development
  • 3D Metal Printing Additive Manufacturing Machine
  • Automatic production line for fiber reinforced composite thermoplastic laminates
  • Lab system for metal and composite mechanical properties Material Characterization
  • Tools Manufacturing Technology through a CNC 3-axis milling machine

Produkte / Dienstleistungen

  • CASS Design
  • Design (Catia, ProE, UG)
  • Mechanical and aeronautical structures design (using CAD/CAM technologies and associated CAE type)
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Stress Analysis (Nastran, Patran, Isami, NASGRO)
  • Fluid Dynamic analysis
  • Provision of professional engineering services.
  • Crash Analysis
  • Internal and external Trim
  • Body in White
  • Power transmission
  • Control System
  • Electrical System


The Group was founded 30 years ago. The staff is made up of 400 resources, 80% of whom are high skilled engineers. It provides support to the Customers through two main forms of collaboration: consultant support, thanks to high-quality skills and deep knowdlege of our engineers and, above all, development of TurnKey outsourced Projets , under Aerosoft full responsability. Aerosoft owns all the software and infrastructures for the secure connectivity with customers, as well as the KVS certification, in order to guarantee high quality and project management performances.

Aerosoft is the engineering company of the Trefin Group, has it offices in many European center of interests, whit subsidiaries not only in Germany , but also in France, Turkey and a commercial entity in USA, in order to pursue a customer-proximity philosophy. Aerosoft group has a France subsidiary, in Toulouse, thanks to his M&A choice in 2004. It is the Aeronautics and space technological center, with a big focus on the Aerospace market. In Turkey, through the subsidiary Aerosoft Dyzain Ltd., created with the specific aim to follow the engineering activities in the technological center of Bursa, with a focus on Automotive and Aerospace. In Germany, Aerosoft is present with his subsidiary Aerosoft Technologie GmbH Munich: it is strategy of the group to strengthen the company's presence in the main industrial centers of the European Automotive field.

Aerosoft Manufactoring Industry offers the most innovative solutions and technological process for design and built :

- Full Robotized Thermoplastic Line ;

- Additive Manufacturing Machines (EBM technologie) ;

- Test and Validation Laboratory , R&D center, New Materials Caracterization

Aerosoft operates in an environment characterized by an increasingly competitive and selective market, therefore, our mission and strength is the improvement of performance and customer satisfaction, through  the attention to the human resources professionalism and the effectiveness of the technical and organizational processes. Furthermore, Aerosoft affirms its commitment to the environmental protection and the reduction and prevention of pollution derived from its activities. For this purpose, a Quality and Environment Management System (QEMS) was implemented, obtaining four awards.


 ISO 9001:2008

EN 9100:2009

ISO 14001:2004

Reg. CE/1221/2009 (EMAS III)

Production Plant. Robotized Thermoplastic Line & Additive Manufacturing - EBM
Production Plant. Robotized Thermoplastic Line & Additive Manufacturing - EBM
Innovation awards
Innovation awards
Aerosoft in the World | Main Subsidiares
Aerosoft in the World | Main Subsidiares



Aerosoft Technologie GmbH
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Valentina Floro Flores
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