SP-Group (Sustainability Performance Group)

SP Group - the innovative agency for strategy and project development for sustainability


The SP-Group is specialised on sustainability consulting primarily in city and urban development, development of strategic development plans for communities, sutainable infrastructure plans, local sustainable development plans, Local Agenda 21, public participation processes, urban environment management plans and transfersystems for regional governments. We developed our innovative methodology in pilot projects in the City of Ingolstadt and  the City of Neumarkt i.d. Opf. and we implement the Transferprogramme Local Sustainability Strategy for the State of Bavaria.

Sprachkompetenz: Deutsch, Englisch, Russisch, Weitere, Holländisch, Litauisch

Auslandserfahrung: Südafrika, Brasilien, Philippinen, Weitere, Baltische Staaten, Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien, Österreich, Russland, Schweiz, Südkorea

Technologies / Research Focus

  • Local Sustainability Strategy / Local Sustainable Development Strategies
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Urban Environment management plans
  • Good Governance for communities
  • Regional Sustainable Development Strategies
  • Public Participation
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • Sustainability Reports (e.g. GRI)
  • Sustainability Indicators
  • Local Corporate Citizenship

Products / Services

  • Transfer 21 - Toolsystem for Local Sustainable Development Strategies
  • Sustainable Urban Development Planning
  • Urban Environment Management Plans
  • Development of local sustainable development strategies
  • Strategic management consulting for sustainabilty
  • Local Health Management Plans

Cooperation Opportunities

We are searching for national franchise partner for the TRANSFER 21 toolsystem (up from June 2005). Cooperations in local projects, specially for sustainable urban development and urban environmental management plans are welcome. With the Transfer 21 toolsystem we have one of the strongest, effective and efficient tools worldwide, for the development and implementation of local sustainable development strategies and infrastructure plans for cities and communities.


Transfer 21 is a professional and innovative toolsystem for the development and implementation of a local sustainability strategy (Urban development plan) for urban management and the integration of urban environment management plans and systems.



SP-Group (Sustainability Performance Group)
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