Characteristics and Processing of Polymers

Source: polyMaterials AG

Polymers are an essential part of our everyday world. Their use enables a suitable use of materials, great design freedom and often a resource-efficient production in many areas.

Thereby polymers applications penetrate high-tech areas such as the medical and the automotive industry as well as the consumer sector, for example in packaging and disposable products.

The associated process chains from polymer development to manufacturing technology require a cross-industry cooperation, to exploit the great innovative potential of polymer applications.

Fillers for polymer applications

The filler technology is, along others, suitable for the modification of specific properties of polymers. Through the use of nanoscale fillers for example a higher mechanical strength can be achieved or the electrical conductivity can be influenced.  An important aspect is the interaction of polymer processing with the latest methods of characterization. In this case the Cluster New Materials moderates the cross-industry dialogue in a cluster-group.

Other specializations of CNW: 

  • Technology platform "reactive injection molding"
  • Simulation in Materials Science
  • Precision and efficiency in polymer processing


Prof. Dr. Altstädt
Department of Polymer Engineering,
University of Bayreuth

Dr. Erwin Bürkle
New Technologies,
KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH, Munich

Prof. Peter Dr. Karlinger
Department of Applied Engineering Sciences,
University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim