Reebok: New Liquid Factory manufacturing lab

nach Quelle:, "Reebok introduces new Liquid Factory manufacturing lab", 01. November 2016

Reebok has introduced Liquid Factory, a new manufacturing innovation of the Reebok Future team. It can change the process and speed of making footwear by using state-of-the-art software and robotics to draw shoes in three dimensions. Liquid Factory leverages 3D drawing, where a proprietary liquid material created by BASF is used to draw shoe componentry cleanly, precisely and in three-dimensional layers. With that technique it is possible to create unique footwear. Reebok plans to open its own Liquid Factory manufacturing lab at the beginning of 2017. The new manufacturing process allows the fitness brand to design and create a high performance athletic shoe faster and more efficiently than ever before. Reebok Liquid Speed is the first shoe, which is created with this manufacturing technique. It is a running shoe that also brings the outsole and lacing together in one piece for a comprehensive feel and sensory feedback for the entire foot. 

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