Added value by cross-linking!

The automotive industry is one of the supporting pillars of Bavarian's economy. Leading manufacturers a network of excellent, regional and global acting automotive suppliers it represents the key industry in Bavaria.

The network comprises more than 1.100 companies and institutes from more than 50 countries, about 600 from Bavaria. With the Cluster-Initiative Bavaria the Bavarian State Government continous the successful policy to further strenghten Bavaria as an leading economy and development location.

Objectives are to boost the process of  implementation of research results form science into products and processes as well as to intensify the collaboration between companies and their suppliers along the value added chain to strengthen the competitiveness of Bavaria as industrial location.

The Cluster Automotive is one of the clusters close to market and production in the area of mobility. Bayern Innovativ Ltd. was assigned with the management of this cluster, due to the project management of the network BAIKA and the existing competencies and structures in order to use this substantial synergies.

The Cluster Automotive boosts the project-orientated collaboration by utilisation of the striking distance which fastens processes of innovation, the development of new products and efficient production technologies. A advisory board of automotive experts from economy and science supports the thematic focus of the Cluster Automotive.

We cordially invite all interested parties to join this vital Cluster.