Light weight construction

Source: Bayern Innovativ

In addition to new strategies for light weight construction, new materials and new material concepts are in the focus of the users industries such as automotive, machinery, trucks, railway or aerospace. A major emphasis is placed on a balance between economic efficiency and environmental compatibility.

Lightweight materials for the electrification

Lightweight materials are used in many areas. The challenge is to develop concepts for structural components, system components and electrical drives, which meet the diverse requirements.

The cross-industry networking between users, such as automotive and aerospace industry with experience in structural lightweight construction, and equipment manufacturers with experience in the field of electrical form the basis for active knowledge transfer and exchange to find solutions for eMobility.


 Source: F.W.Broekelmann_Aluminium_GmbH


Casting process chain - technology and simulation

The Production of technical components by casting needs casting methods, such as sand casting, investment casting or cast iron, as well as simulation methods to meet the requirements.

During the process issues such as surface quality for the material structure are of impaortance and need innovative casting processes, simultaneous engineering in the simulation of a work piece over the entire process chain in the multiscale simulation and interdisciplinary collaboration challenge.






Source: BMW AG



Mark Hartmann
Technical Manager,
Neue Materialien Fürth GmbH